Due to school and marchng band I do not take lessons anymore and probably won't until winter. So while Im pressed for time, my dillema is figuring out a good daily practice outine. It needs to be for about an hour and a half time wise and I want to incorporate scales and improvisation theory practice.

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.
don't do marathon runs. break your practices into 20-30 minute sessions. maybe wake up a bit earlier in the morning and practice for half an hour. when you get back from school do another half an hour. and before you go to bed do the final half hour. you also might want to buy a few books to help you keep focused and on a specific path. i recommend diatonic major and minor scales by segovia and 120 guilliani right hand studies.
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I do have a Mel Bay finger exercise book I use. So split my practices into smaller? Sounds good, but I already get up early for classes so Ill hve to split time up over night and afternoon. So how should I split up than time? Like, how many minutes on each type of thing? Also, how should I go about practicing scales? I know them, but how could I best utilize them?
I always do this:

10 min – Warming up
10 min – Scales
10 min – Chords progressions
20 min – Technique
10 min – Improvisation

Or when I have more time, this:

10 min – Warming up
20 min – Scales
20 min – Chords progressions
30 min – Technique
10 min – Ear Training
10 min – Theory
10 min – Rhythm guitar
10 min – Lead guitar
I never had a practice routine or schedule, just practice when you feel like playing?

if you need advise on what to practice, simply do what you think is important or what you feel like you need work at