the world goes, and goes while its spinning me around
and the sun stays and stays, so its getting me down
the sky, pours and pours, so its getting me shy
And i hate the way you say,

well I'm done and I'm leaving, and I'm getting you high
now its fun but I'm leaving and its getting me by
and everybody's talking, but no one knows why
and there all pissed off, and everything's done
I'm sitting here, while I'm still having fun
you can leave me behind but i wont say bye

I know the score, and your being such a bore
so why don't hang, while your still set in sane
[end chorus]

well, the tellers keep on telling
and the sellers keep on selling
all their bullshit lies, leave me a surprise
well, its still set in stone, than I'm going when I'm going
i read the rules like 4 months ago...i still dont see what i did wrong...
your not aloud to put c4c in title anymore? i used to do that all the time...
well, im sorry guys, it wont happen again, thanks for letting me know
i like it but the intro just doesn't work with me. goes and goes? stays and stays?... other than that i really liked it
Depending on the rhythm and structure, you might need another verse, unless you do the chorus a third time after a bridge or something... I dunno, just my opinion... All in all, it's pretty good.
Nice, Add a kind 50's/60's beach boy sounding g uitar back and it sounds retro cool