Sorry for making a thread on what already exists but I couldn't really find any information on my specific question. I've been playing guitar for a couple months now and everything has progressed smoothly, I've always let my right arm rest on the body and allowed the thumb of my left hand to press against the back of the neck. However, I just now noticed that most people don't even rest their right arm on the body and actually curl their left hand (palm still not touching) around the neck. Is this a better technique to get utilize ass opposed to my own ? Thanks, I'd appreciate any help
I recommend you not to rest your left arm on your your body, you will get used to that, and when you want play guitar standing it's going to feel uncomfortable
That is a great question. I was curious about this myself about a year ago. I say there are different positions for each situation. Heck, or even playing what is comfortable for you.

Here is an example of when you need to keep your thumb down firmly on the back of the neck. This is from Back in Black (look at the second measure):

   E               D              A                   end rhythm figure 1

Yeah, that would be very uncomfotable/hard playing it with your thumb gripping around the neck.

But great guitar players like Jimi Hendrix, and heck, even John Frusciante have their thumb curling around all the time. They're probably doing this not only for their own comfort level, but to mute and play notes with their thumb on occasion. If you ever get into any funk stuff, having your thumb around the neck is very recommended, seeing as you mute notes with your left hand a lot.

Hope this helped and wasn't confusing.
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It doesn't fit my playing style at all so I figured it would be good for me
1) Don't rest your right arm on the body. 2) I switch off between the thumb on the back of the neck and it higher up. some types of note patterns call for different ways to have your thumb