Hey everybody, been playing guitar for a year and a half and just got my new ESP LTD M-100FM, which I am extremely happy with .

Anyways I have come into a bit of cash and I am confused as to what to get. I was thinking about getting some new pickup for it as the stock ones arn't that great (EMG 81's) or to buy a new amp for a similar price.

From what I have seen normally the amp would be the obvious choice, because I've still got this shitty small one from back when I first started playing. That doesn't bother me when I'm practicing at home. The course im on at college provides amps when I'm there and when I'm playing with bands they normally have a good amp for me to use there.

I know you guys know what your talking about so thats why I came here Thanks in advance for any help you have.
The emgs would likely be a waste on that amp....so a new amp would be your best bet!

EDIT: The way you explain it actually makes it sound like you dont use that amp too much though, really depends how often you do!

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Better to get a new amp. You might play some gigs, and you won't be able to take your college amp everywhere, do you?
amp, dont get emg unless you have a really pricey amp, theyre just a waste of money. they really dont sound any different from any other pup unless youhave a mesa rectifier amp xD
Thanks for the replys

The amp was the obvious choice for me at the start but I really don't use my amp much anyway, since I have no practice space so I normally just play whatever I am practicing unplugged. The amps that I use at college are some really nice Marshalls, can't remember the model but they sound great.

Since the course I'm on has us peforming in various venues they have amps set up for us and for outside bands people ask me to drum most of the time because there is a large lack of drummers in my area and I'm a much better drummer than guitarist.

Getting a new amp for me would really just be there for a "what if" in case I get recruited into a band that needs a guitarist.
Definetly the amp. EMGs will not sound particularly good unless you're using a nice tube amp, in fact they probably won't make any difference to your sound. Get a nice tube amp
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Yeah I think I will get an amp, you guys have convinced me hehe. Thanks again.
new amp, im guessing you dont want to spend too much money so i recommend either getting a peavey vyper or a roland cube if you want a SS amp.

if you want a 5w tube amp though, Id recommend one of these

hope i helped
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The peavey vypyr looks like a good value amp, I think I'll pick up one of those