The scratchplate to my old, knackered, worthless P bass copy is white, but the previous owner covered it in little stickers, which she removed before I bought it. However, you can still faintly see the outlines where the plastic has aged slighly from fag reek, or sunlight or something.

How can I get rid of them? I don't mind if it doesn't leave the scratchplate perfectly white, However it must be a low buget solution. So far I have tried it with a clotyh soaked in white spirits to no avail. Note this is not a matter of any particular urgency or anything, I just wondered if anyone had a solution.
less the scratchplate soak in the spirits, or use goof-out, but also let it soak for a while if you do. however, if it is discoloration from the sun, there is not much you can do, except buy a new one.

edit: and thats not very nice what you said about the bass being "worthless", and also the "fag reek" part.
be careful with goof-off and goo-gone. the solvents in them could mar the plastic.
try on the backside, first.

an automotive polishing compound will probably do the job.
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thanks for the replys, I can't buy a new one cos the bass is a P bass copy - the bass is ancient and an obscure brand - a new one wouldn't fit. also a new scratchplate is too expensive - the bass with an amp cost me £60 about 5 years ago.

I'm not unhappy with my bass - I love it, It's amazing.

Is this Goo gone stuff for the glue itself? I don't think there is any glue left on it.

I might try this stuff I have lying about called "sugar water" or something for nicotine stains.

I may make a new one anyway - for a bit of a change. I just wondered if there was a simple solution.
Paint it dood!

Krylon Fusion is about $5 a can, and then it will be very white indeed.
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