Ok maybe someone can help me. I have a MXR 10 band Eq and I understand the use and importance of a Eq to tone. I've had it for over a year and I've put it in front of my amp and in my loop to see what works better. In front of my amp I barely even notice it so I put it in my loop. It works great in my loop but I always get a piercing harshness. Also in my loop I have a Sonic Stomp and a Small Clone.

I use my amps Eq set like this Bass-6, Mid-6, Treb-8. My Amp has a Bass Res set at 2 and a Contour set at 2 which scoops my tone. My MXR's settings go as followed- Vol and Gain-0, 31.25Hz -6db, 62.5Hz -4db, 125Hz flat, 250Hz +2db, 500Hz -2db, 1KHz -3db, 2KHz Flat, 4KHz +2db, 8KHz +3db, 16KHz -3db.

I've played with the sliders as much as possible. I've read about Eq frequency's. I've rolled back my volume knob. I've tried everything I can think of. I thought about just ditching the Eq but Id hate to give up on this pedal. Im looking for a tight Thrash tone and I get it but I cant take Icepicks in my ear. It like resonates thru everything. I dont know what to do maybe a speaker change is the last thing I havent tried.

I know alot of you guys know about these things and Im hoping you have a solution for me. If all else fails Im just going to trade a few pedals for a Used Fender HSS fat strat. I do want to try and solve my problem first. I hope I explained everything good and I made some sense. Thanks and if you have anymore questions please ask I'll be following this thread close. Thanks UG...
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drop the high mids and the treble on your amp, and try it on your eq too.
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Yeah, think of both EQ's as the same thing. A good thing to do if you're looking for a thrashy sound (which I assume means you like the idea of scooped mids) would be to scoop them on the amp (don't use the contour switch, I had an AT series, and it blew hard), then do essentially the opposite through the EQ pedal. Remember with external EQ that less is usually more.
turn off the EQ pedal, and use the EQ on the amp to get as close as possible to the sound you want. Then move onto the EQ pedal with all the sliders at 0 and work your way from there.

The eq pedal should only be used to finalize and perfect your tone, not completely make it, your amps eq is going to have a bigger effect.
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