I'm looking for a bassist aged 17-19 in Perth County. If you have a drum set, I'll love you forever if you let my boyfriend, the drummer, use it. He traded his for a guitar, which he doesn't know how to play. lol I'm the vocalist & second guitarist. The lead guitarist's a decent vocalist, too. I'm the only female in the band. I get along better with guys, but if the shoe fits....The band also needs a name. Oh. Just a little warning, but we haven't played together yet 'cause we don't have drums or a bassist. I'm going to be bringing the lead guitarist to my house this Thursday to play together. Composing & writing is always whatever. There's no assignment of responsibility for the writing. Whenever something pops into your head, write it down. The more material, the better. I want to stay mostly in metal & screamo type stuff, but also enjoy punk. However, I want the band to be known generally as a metal band. If you're interested, send me an e-mail at c.m.r-227_106_c.m.d-821@hotmail.com. I'll be setting up interviews when people start e-mailing me. Due to jobs & school, I'll do my best to set something up ASAP, but I'll have to call the lead guitar up & get back to you & figure something out that works for all three parties. My boyfriend, the drummer, will be hard to schedule with, so he probably won't meet you right away. Again, he doesn't have a drum set anyways. lol Anyways, let me know if you're interested. Just a reminder, I want people from Perth County so that it's easy on gas money. Thanks.
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