I'm considering buying one because i've heard schecter make fantastic guitars, it seems to be constructed from fantastic materials with high quality hardware and pickups. It's also an aesthetically fantastic guitar. That fretboard just has sex me written all over it.

Obviously before handing over the cash i'd like to play one however finding a guitar store near me which stocks this guitar is a mere impossibility. So that means i'd have to travel... But before travelling i'd like to know that the guitar is going to be somewhere near what i'm looking for.

My only worry is that my knowledge of schecters is that they make metal/shred guitars which is not what i play at all... I play a combination of rock, prog and blues. However the pickups don't suggest anything too heavy to me. So what should i expect from this guitar?

Does anybody play the C1 series schecters and could tell me how they play before i go rambling half way across the UK just to spend 20 minutes pissing around on it.

My friend has the C-1 Blackjack, and it's amazing. He prefers it over his $1200 ESP. With the Seymour Duncan pickups, you'll definitely be able to play rock n blues.
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I've got a C-1 hellraiser and my brother has the c-1 plus. Generally, Schecter leans towards the harder rock genre but I've briefly played the classic and it can do just about everything. My hellraiser has EMG's which are suited more for metal, but the JB/Jazz combination is more versatile. Give it a shot, the necks are slightly thicker then you may be used to, though. Great guitars for the money.
The Classic is great, my friend has one and it is excellent sounding. The JB, contrary to what people say, sounds quite good (not my favorite sound though), and the jazz is great for cleans.
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The Classic is a fantastic guitar. I own one and I can say that is has great craftsmanship, great woods, great pickups, great everything. It is good for ANY style of music. I play metal myself but I also use the clean channel alot and the cleans & the distortion of the Classic are just pure secks. The neck profile is not as thick as most other Schecters, that could be a plus or a minus depending on your preferences. I would highly recommend this guitar.
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Thanks a lot for your help, I guess i might give it a go then..

Many thanks!