This is a song of my band ''Restock''
We are form switzerland, and our english isn't perfect.
so...if you got some time, please help to correct this..
thank you

Its a rock'n'roll song

(Alcohol) Drinkin too much

I drink too much, i drink to fast
Its my own way to forget about the past

I’m a bad boy, I’m a problem child
I was born, born to be wild

I give my life and my soul
For sex and ****in’ alcohol

I know why I drink and I can’t without
And that’s why I sing about

(Alcohol) drinking too much
(Alcohol) so much too much

It is a problem, and it cracks the problems
But principally it open the horizon

I feel better if I drink
He’s my best friend, that’s what I think

I drink too much, I drink too fast
Cos it’s my little way to forget about the past

Whiskey on the rocks or just a beer
No matter but it’s the reason why I am here

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