I went to that page, and I saw a video, and when I tried to exit, pop up windows tried to stop me.

You have been reported for posting this link.
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Otter, you're my new god.
You led me to a page that was annoying, not legit, and then it tried to stop me from leaving with numerous pop ups.

My advice: Use common sense next time.
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Quote by Scowmoo
Otter, you're my new god.
IF what Øttər says is true, I wouldn't trust it.
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Maybe he really does want advice... he asked for it the wrong way.

This thread just sort of came off as an advertisement... I saw Join Date 2008, I assumed he had just joined to post this, now I see the month... eghh...

Anyways, sorry for the report if all you wanted was some real advice. A mod will see this, and use his or her best discretion.

About the site though, no. It does not look legit to me.
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Quote by Scowmoo
Otter, you're my new god.
Sorry for that. I didnt know about the pop-ups as i didnt try to click off the site straight after i went on it. I put my email and name in first which took me to the main site.

Sorry once again. Is there any good sites like this anybody can recomend which offer lots of lessons online, im willing to pay to sign up
if it wont let you leave, then its not legit. and im editing the url out of your title.

i think there are better places to ask for good lessons. try the beginners forum or MT.