i was playing a jackson dk2 the other day and thought it had a really thick body, is this because of the tremelo system fitted on it?
are all guitars with tremelo systems that thick?
No, there are some trems that dont rely on having a thick body, but floyd's do along with a few other kinds.
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I don't think those type of guitars have a thick body, is pretty normal actually, and gibson LP's usually have what would be considered a thinker body. The tremolo is not necessarily the reason for the thickness of a guitar body but it does limit how thin it can be made, I mean look at some Parker models, those are very thin and they have tremolos.
Man, you must be playing those thin Ibanez Saber guitars...

EDIT: which also have trems, no (to your question). Lack of body thickness does prevent the Saber from having a bigger pull-up range though.
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