i just recorded a song the other day with some friends, and sure it sounds great to us, but the guitars are louder then the vocals, and some parts of the solo are hard to hear over the guitars, i'm looking for some kind of software that can make the vocals louder, or easier to hear, as with the solo..

well you will need to have each part (guitar and vocal) on it's own audio track meaning if you recorded and mixed down you cant do anything about it at that point.

Download Reaper or Audacity and adjust from there.
Since it sounds like you didn't mix your track well enough, try to find the original and see if you can adjust the levels/add compression there. If not, you could try some post-production software like Sound Forge or Wavelab, but really, it's meant to make good stuff sound professional, not bad stuff tolerable.
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I use acid pro for all my mixing. once you learn how to use it's eassssy and gets the job done. but if the track is already recorded like the guys said above then thats a no go and theres no other way to fix it but re-record it once you have audio software and the just mix it.

unless you have all the original stems still?