so i walked into the house and i saw my brother run out of my room and into his and start leaning against the door to try to keep me out. i pushed through and asked what he was doing. "i was jerking off" "in my room???" "you have anime porn" "what the ****????" i think i'm scarred for life

has anything like that ever happened to anyone else?
You just lost 1 internet because of your bro.

Just get off your lazy bum and buy one that you can build from IKEA. They're really comfortable

PS: Otherwise do a barrel roll
and if anyone's wondering i do not have any porn. he meant i had the internet. he doesn't have internet in his room.
Go good cop/ bad cop on him. It'll show him for fapping in your room to some pr0n. I'd never sink that low.
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update: got a new chair

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