hi, i wanted to ask what i need to record a distorted or overdriven guitar without any other noises? i have a engel thunder 50, a box with celestion vintage 30 speakern, a microphone (sennheiser for recording guitar) and a computer, i also have the cubase sx recording software and some good cables.
You should look into an audio interface

See the polls and such

I tend to suggest the PreSonus Inspire, EMU 0202, and EMU 0404 interfaces to members because they work well and are affordable.

The EMU 0202 would work well for you if you only have one mic you need to use. It's a USB 2.0 interface connection so you will get some good speed and low latency.
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It's a high end sound card made for recording to give you a quick answer. Its the first think you should look into buying when you want to record IMO