I have a multi effect pedal called a RP100 but now i want a better multi effect pedal that can give me a decent Wah and distortion so what is my best choice to get.
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go for individual pedals, you aren't gonna get great tones from a multi fx toy. i'd sell the RP100 and get a decent wah pedal and a decent distortion pedal.

^this. I have my old RP100 collecting dust in my closet. Its a great pedal to start with, but if you're more serious about your tone, single pedals are the way to go. More expensive - yes, but they sound better.
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get two pedals, a tubescreamer and a jim dunlop wah
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Get two pedals, a Tubescreamer and a Vox V847 wah.

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well, instead of having a meh processor and a meh amp, you could sell them both and get some sort of modeling amp, cube or vox perhaps. thats just what i say, you could go for a better processor or individual pedals though.

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