Last week in class we were talking about the shift of the media from trying to inform to just being a source of entertaining and the disinterest of the people on "important" stuff (like how some people are more interested on what Paris Hilton does than what Bush does) and some of the reasons for this change. What's your opinion on this? Most of the opinions in my class were divided into two, some thought that the media is entertaining because it's what sells and becaust it's what most people (the working class) want to read. The other side said that people are reading it because it's what's being feed to them and that this is done in purpose to kind of dumb us down and to keep us from participating and having an opinion on important stuff (specially since most of the newspapers are owned by a few huge corporations).

What's your opinion on this?
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I'm with the part of your class that says its to dumb us down.
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I don't see how those two views are mutually exclusive.


Also, I suggest you do some reading about Yellow Journalism of the late 19 century and William Randolph Hearst if you're interested in the topic. Its pretty much the birth of modern sensationalism.
Watch Zeitgeist. It's propagating ignorance.
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the biggest problem is the switch from broadcasting companies looking at the news as a public service (they often took losses on the news 30-40 years ago) to now, when they are trying to make profits off the news.

subsequently, people want to hear about britney spear's latest antics, it increases ratings, so the news organizations give it considerable airplay.

its called capitalism.
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I personally couldn't care less about Britney's new haircut or Brangelina's new black baby;
the only time news on celebrities interests me is nip-slip time