Which are the fastest solos from necrophagist? Fastest sweeps and legato? Muhammed just tearing ass on his guitar?
I wanna say Fermented Offal Discharge, but i'm not sure.
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Probably the sweeps in Foul Body Autopsy, but the short duration of the solo in that song kills it. Learn a longer solo like Stabwound or Advanced Corpse Tumor or Fermented Offal Discharge, those are all fulfilling as hell.
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Epitaph (the song) is pretty nuts and has my favourite solo. Although it was recorded by Christian Muenzer, so if its Muhammed you want, not Epitaph solo.
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It can be either one of them doesn't matter

The whole point of this thread is so I can figure out where I have to be in order to play these solos
That small section of Mutilate the Stillborn *spelling* near the beginning shreds it up... Though I only own their first album so if the second has faster I wouldn't know.
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