Is the Ibanez TS-9 only for tube amps or will it sound good with a solid state amp also??
It's boosting capabilities will be lost on a SS amp. Basically, it's got a small amount of gain compared to a distortion pedal and you'd have to run it on the clean channel, so you're losing half the pedal if you use it with a SS amp. It would be better to save up for a distortion pedal.
I already have a distortion factory and i always use it on the TS-9 setting ans i wanted to get the real thing but i want to know if it'll actually sound good because my amp is a solid state
Well it will sound OK. But not as brilliant as SRV or whoever you're trying to model who used it. Why not go down to your local guitar store and try one?
I'd forget about the TS-9 and get the ts808 or the Fulltone OCD
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what's the difference between a ts9 and a ts808??

A few chips. Honestly, if you're handy with a solder, I suggest getting a TS7 and buying the chips on eBay and modding it yourself.
^It's actually two components. The Op Amps used in those pedal (the chips) don't make a huge difference, I've tried many different ones with my custom 808 and can never tell the difference.
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