Hey I recently got Pro tools M-Powered 7, and I have a few wee quick questions to ask if anyone can help.

1] Can you use stuff youve recorded from this with Reason? ( And Vice Versa?)

2] I recently tried recording on it, which i could do, but when I listened back through th headphones, my there was crackling. My guitar is an old squire strat, but I dont think its the cause as when im monitering myself when I record, theres no crackling.

I recently bought a new guitar too, brought it to a proper studio w/ my band, and to my horror found out it was crackling throught the amp and headphones. But it doesnt seem like its my start doing it this time tho.

My headphones are "studio" headphones BUT theyre a cheap ass pair of sonys, boiught em for like 20 quid (not for recording, just for using with my ipod. Could it be these?

I dont have a god pair of speakers to plug into yet so

By the by im usin an M-audio Fast track usb sound card.. just if any ones had this problem and found it was with this.

Thank you for any help, and im sorry if this shouldnt be in here but, i havent been on UG in a loooong time (tho im constantly signed in) and i checked but didnt see a specifc recording thread.
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