On the Music Man John Petrucci 6-string models, a piezo pickup is included built into the bridge. This is fine and dandy, and in fact, more than desired.

But apparently, I'm ignorant in its ways. Is the piezo an active pickup ? It would seem this way, since there's what looks like a battery slot on the back, near the Piezo EQ settings.
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sorry i can be of any help, but piezo's do ****ing rule.

I adore mine, from now on i dont buy guitars without it fitted in.
Piezos generally require a preamp so I would say they probably are active on the JP.
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Yes the battery slot is for the piezo, But you can simply not use the piezo so therefore you would never need a battery if you just wanted to use the regular pickups.
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Well you have one, couldnt you just look at it?

IIRC the JP models with piezos have two seperate output jacks too
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