Hi there peeps!

Just need a little help with something. I saw this video documentary clip ages ago based on the American Music Awards in 1990 when Slash and McDuff accepted an award drunk...I have the video clip but I am unable to determine this one sweet song that was played on the clip by the band.

If someone who is a die-hard Guns N' Roses fan (1980's to early 1990's era) and willing to help me out by identifying the song, please either leave your e-mail or PM me your e-mail address so I can send you the clip and the time-stamp of when they sing the song.

Thanks in advance!
Is it on youtube?
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the only Guns songs on that video are Sweet Child O' Mine and Paradise City

the song at 0:54 is Eat the Rich by Aerosmith
Well, its definitely Paradise City a little bit after they accept it.

I dunno at :52 though.
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I've got all their albums but I cannot identify that song! Right from 'Appetite for destruction' till 'Use your illusion II.'

I'm pretty much a die-hard fan of the band back then...seeing as Slash is one of my Guitar Heroes!

Unless the song wasn't written by them and they just played a cover song...?
Wooah! Shit, you right Cejis33!

Thanks bud! Just had to 'get' the song before I said anything!

Thanks again...