Me and my friends got together and started a band. All of us our 16 except our bassist is 15. We opened up for two signed bands and played with the best of the best in our local scene. We still need fans and feedback. We have plans to go to Watchmen Studios this summer to record our first album. We also have plans to record a 5 song demo here in December. We will take any advice or constructive critism we can get.
P.S. Check out our video. quality sucks and we were very nervous
All right music i guess, but sounds like every other metal band i've heard. The only constructive criticism I have is to change those pictures in the band member section. You guess look like pissed off deuschebags, and I mean that in the most helpful way.
your band's immaturity shows through in your musicianship. Your drummer is sloppy, and that affects the entire band's timing. Apart from the generic tremolo picking that sounds like a swarm of pissed off bees, I'd say that in a couple of years you guys may have somewhere to go, assuming you continue practising and getting better.
I'm with Jordan on the picture aspect as well.

EDIT: the tremolo picking comment is explained: you're using a spiderII head.