So I am looking for a new half-stack and I went into guitar center today (the peice of shit hellhole) and I saw a Peavey 5150 and I tried it out. Now, I'm looking for an amp thats goes from Hendrix-type low-gain clean (think castles made of sand or hey joe) to a Page mid-gain (the ocean, heartbreaker) to Rhoads-type high gain (Over the mountian, flying high again). I tried a Plexi re-issue and it was PERFECT for what I want, however, the amp was on 10 the whole time and it was too loud. So I'm looking for an amp that will do higher-gain type stuff at a lower volume and lower gain type stuff a higher volume. Anyway, I tried it out and it came really close to what I'm looking for. I just have a few questions. I was asked to keep the post gain on 1 for each channel so I do not know how much gain the post gain adds. Is it a lot or is it just basically a volume control? Second, how loud does the clean channel get before it starts to break up? Any help would be appriciated or any advice for a different amp i could get would help.
For what you're playing, a 5150 would not be really good. 5150s are voiced for hi-gain very heavy modern style metal most of the time.

What is your budget?
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Although the 5150 is more versatile than people think, it's not what you're looking for.
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Although the 5150 is more versatile than people think, it's not what you're looking for.

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AC30 maybe?

Def NOT a 5150.

Orange can do it, maybe a JCM 800 as well.
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^^^Would be a pretty good choice, I didn't like the lower gain sounds as much when I had one, but they're not bad.

^^I think either of those would be perfect with an OD, or maybe a distortion + for the rhoads type stuff.
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They've definitely got that british rock voicing he's looking for. Coupled with an OD you've got the tone for rhoads right there.
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