I've got the house to myself and i want to play a song that i can play loud and that's fun to play. I don't really want it to be too hard so I don't really have to think about it at all. Mostly I've been improvising on rock n roll train and welcome home- coheed and cambria (that last part of the song is great to just solo with). Any ideas?
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green day~holiday
hendrix~voodoo child
ac/dc~rock n roll train

or just play the blues
if youve got th whol plce to yourself put on your boxers and colared dress shirt and play that song old time rocknroll(if you cant play it just put it on the stereo and use a broomguitar)
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I say you should honestly just play some random s**t. When I'm home alone I crank my amp, (not too high cause last time I tried that I broke my window) and I just play whatever I can.

Usually it sounds good but sometimes it sounds like a cat being raped by a dog >_>;;

(FYI: I never warmed up on those days so I usually end up screwing up)
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^Very true

and also Adam Raised A Cain - Bruce Springsteen
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