titles just ots, haven't chosen a name.

The clock on the dash
Runs up to it’s 12am shift
While I softly beat a rhythm
On the wheel with my fingertips

Then you get off of me to say
As all the reasons fade away

As to why I’m lying here with you

And all the muscles that I used
In rolling back my seat for you

Just so we could lie here
Just so we could lie here

And watch the stars
As a metal roof, cautiously blocks our view

I try to sit up breaking a chain
That is your arm on my chest
Catching glimpse of a street light
Shinning down on an empty park bench

I can’t help but wish that I was there
Anywhere alone is better than here

Hearing all the things I don’t want to know

As you finally start to realize
That love is just a crowd of lies

That I never did believe
I never did believe

As you’re wishing you could drive
I’m wishing you could too, to leave me behind
This was great fun to read, and I'd love to ehar it. Especially love the title, keep it. I'll probably come back and tear this up properly later
Great song man
The last half I thought was really well written

Made by 'The Sloganizer' ----> «The Pit - be prepared.»

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