I'm looking into investing in a high-end head. I've played on friends
Mesa Boogie Dual and Triple rectifiers before as well as a Soldano
SLO1000. Characteristics that I'm looking for are very rich and organic
cleans; I have a hollowbody Carvin Holdsworth sig that I use for my cleans.
I have a Carvin DC400 mahogany body/maple top/maple neck that I use for my leads, and as my primary guitar
I don't need anything really in the middle such as a light crunch, or fuzz.
But I do want a very tight, smooth, and harmonically rich overdrive to play
leads with. I mostly play leads in terms of guitar playing; I like fusion as well
as just regular "shred". I don't do much metal riffing, but I want a tight low end
for when I do some riffing. Over all, I mostly play fusion (Greg Howe, Di Meola, Govan, Holdsworth, Sfogli, Gambale, etc.) but with more gain than the aforesaid guitarists. I also play metal; usually technical death stuff like Necrophagist, not much in between, then some of the more stuff like Ozzy, Racer X, Dream Theater (LTE), Symphony X etc.
***but a smooth lead channel for tasteful leads is more important than playing metal stuff**
Amps i'm looking into are the Hughes & Kettner TriAmp® MK II, VHT Sig X, some kind of Mesa Boogie, or maybe an ENGL. I haven't had a change to play any of these (or any other high-end amps) except Mesa Boogies, which I like, but I might keep looking for something better.
Disregard price, but naturally, lower is better. Also, don't compare the aforesaid amps to each other, perhaps to other amps within their perspective price/quality range.
Any help in deciding would be extremely helpful.
The Mesa Lonestar's are by far the most versatile/great sounding/not bad $$ out there.. It is 1700 USD in America, and more everywhere else, but it is well worth it. Pair it with a good overdrive pedal, and there are no boundaries