i play bass, and have moderate mixing software, i play bass and maybe could do backup vocals, any takers? (age range from like 15-18) im 16
i prefer rock,classic rock and alternitive, but with any group thing we'd probly have to agree on something similar
bass a good 2 1/2 years and the music i play is listed above, (before bass i played mandolin lol)
if its anything alternative, grunge, punk,post-grunge anything like that ill join up, for guitar and backup vocals
alright, do you have an aim or myspace? and how long have you been playing? and can you record sound and video or sound only
i have myspace

i can record low quality sound, and video sometimes, i can sometimes get a good quality sound recording but what i have is good enough, i write all my own material and already have some lyrics we could use and a few riffs, let me know if you want me or not
ive been playing electric guitar for 2 1/2 years
i can play every nirvana song
every everclear song and lots more if you need to know my capabilities
i have 4 guitars 3 electrics 1 acoustic
hell yeah, i love nirvana, we still need someone to play drums unless we just wanted to go with MIDI drums, and we also need lead vocals
alright im in man, one thing though...im 14 does that matter since you said 15-18?
as long as your mature about it, its close enough lol, so do you have any way yo send me the riffs and stuff you have? id like to hear them
i get them to you bye tomorrow, I'm not anywhere near my recording equipment right now, but i will be tomorrow, and i am mature about it, ive been in my other band (non-online) for 4 months and we got near 20 songs ready, non recorded yet
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alright, ill post them on my page sometime tommarow, just to let you know im from wisconsin so i go on midwest time, so if your from new york like your page says your 3 hours ahead of me just so we dont get confused on that
lol yeah i was about to ask where you where from and i am from newyork so lets try to rember that lol, just send me a myspace message when you get them up
alright, it will prally be like 3 or 4 oclock my time tommarow cuz i got school
well im going now, ill see ya later man, later tonight around the forums possibly not sure yet, ill come up with some riffs, if you want to see some of the music i right, just go to the song "set in stone" in my sig, its a song i wrote on the spot earlier today, peace man
huh that was strange, acoustic what?, as for bass thats what i play lol, interested in singing
yer sounds good, i play guitar (lead or rhythm) any genre really, been playing for 2/3 years.
PM if interested
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Well thats me set ^^
i wanna get in on this, i mainly play bass, but i have a pretty sweet drum set, and i could try singing, idk, i'll add you on myspace
If you want it to go in an alternative/post-grunge trend I'd be keen to do vocals, and a little guitar if you want.
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