I have alot of songs that pop into my head and i write them down on paper and they get forgotten.

I dont want this problem anymore! what is a good thing to get for recording guitar or recording my band?
one of those zoom handheld recorders would work wonders for you. really small and handy, you can take them anywhere and start recording in about a minute
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What about some sort of software thing i can plug my guitar into as well as the computer?
For something plugged into a computer Line 6 makes a few interfaces...

For example, the TonePort and GuitarPort as well as the POD.
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i used to have a guitar port. how does a pod differ as far as recording is concerned?
the zoom thing is a good idea if you just want a notebook to capture ideas and record rehersals - I wish I had one. Back in the day I used to use a dictaphone, which was awful! There is a dictaphone function on my mobile fone which no doubt would be better than the real thing - you can almost certainly transfer that as a .wav file or similar to your pc as well and tweak it, sample those 'happy accidents' you get when jamming etc

If you want to down the DAW route (digital audio workstation - computers to the rest of us), then there are some free programs out there - Reaper etc, but I would suggest having a look over at the riffs and recordings section - I think there is a sticky or a thread with a list of stuff.

Ideally get one that supports VST/VSTi (virtual FX/Virtual instruments) so you can expand with more FX and instruments as you need them (loads of free ones too).

You will need a decent soundcard that supports ASIO or a USB audio interface - apart from this, you can run happily on lower spec PCs without any trouble. You dont need to go and get the lastest quad core 64bit pc running vista with 10gb of ram and 10Tb's of storage.

for the guitar modelling/FX etc - download trial versions of, say, guitar rig 3 and amplitube 2 or amplitube jimi hendrix - they can both be run as standalone programs or as a VST effects plugin in a sequencer/recording program.

Guitar Rig was what kicked it all off for me, I downloaded the trial, faffed about making it run on my pc (if you dont have a decent soundcard with ASIO drivers - download and install asio 4 all, that may work) and once I had that going I couldn't stop! I now have Cubase SX3 and more VSTs and Vsti's then I know what to do with!

However - to capture a live performance/rehesal with your band, you may need a little external USB mixer or something and some mics.

If you have a Mac, then you can use garageband (recording/sequencer program) which is also good.

Just some thoughts which will hopefully point you in the right direction.

check out the riffs and recordings section - perhaps post there.