Hey UG, I'm looking for some tuners for my Strat.

I'm probably going to go with locking tuners, because they're about the same price as the non-locking ones I was looking at (http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Tuners/Guitar,_solid_peghead_tuners/Gotoh_Schaller-style_Knob_Tuners_6-In-Line.html) and (supposedly) help with tuning stability.

Now, for locking tuners, I've pretty much narrowed it down to two choices. The first set is the one that is priced the same as the ones listed above. The second is a bit pricer, but seems to have better locking stability.
Regular (internal) locking:
<some sort of thumbwheel> locking tuners

I think the latter has the better locking potential, but I'm not sure. Anybody offer any insight?