This would be my first effects processor, I want to spend the least amount of $$ possible, I'm using an Epiphone Special II and I have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about. Please bear with me.

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GuitarPort Xt


The I like the GuitarPort cause it hooks to a computer, but the Behringer one has the pedals.


What do you think? Advice? Oppinions? Suggestions? Reviews?

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Your link isn't working for me.

here are some general rules on effects though:
1. Single effect pedals tend to sound better than multi-effect processors
2. You usually get what you pay for. Buy cheap stuff, get cheap sound
3. repeat points 1 and 2 in your mind about 10x or so
4. there are exceptions but they are few and far inbetween

If you do insist on getting an effects processor, Boss Gt-8 and Line 6 Pod xt seem to be among the best around.

I'm personally using a TC-electronics G-sharp but I'm pretty sure thats not in your price range.

Grab your guitar, take it to a shop, and try out a few processors. Maybe not to buy it, but to figure out for yourself which effects you would like to have, and would use in your playing.

When you have an idea of which effects you actually need, then you can start looking for individual effects for quality or a processor which has them all (quantity over quality).

If you tell us what kind of music you play, which effects you are considering and your total budget we might be able to do some recommendations.


I have a Line6 ToneportGX I use for quick and easy recordings, and playing with a headphone at night.

The sound quality is pretty bad, but it does give you a buttload of options and effects to tinker around with. I don't regret buying it, since its very handy for recording riffs quick to share with friends, bandmates, and practising at night with the headphone out.
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