Well i just got my Ugly 18 (pr0n later) and the amp is awsome, but the speaker that came with it has a really harsh overdriven sound. It's not very smooth and really lacks a lot of midrange. It could partialy be my guitar because the tone knob is ****ed but i didn't have this problem with my old amp.

The amp is baisically a marshall 18 watt clone and the speaker is a eminencce legend 12 (it was supposed to come with a eminece wizard but the guy screwed up cause i asked for no speaker but he gave me the legend for free).

What speaker would give me smoother overdriven sound with more mids and less highs
I was thinking of a warehouse green beret or reaper, what would give me what i want?
Is the speaker broken in yet? I'd give it a good 30-50 hours playing time before I made judgement on it.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
So? Speaker's sound harsh when they aren't broken in, if you get a new one it's gonna sound harsh too.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
Yes i realize that the harshness will go away with time, i'm looking for a smoother, more british sound and this speaker, according to eminence, has"vintage American growl, but with sparkle, definition and edgy top-end" which is not what i'm looking for
I was thinking that but a review said it was mushy with a greenback, so i was thinking the reaper would be less mushy, because the review said it sounded better with the emience wizard, which is a clone of the celestion G12H and so is the reaper

anyone else?
The only mushyness I could think of is speaker breakup, but that is orgasmic, not mushy.

It is probably a decision you will have to just flip a coin and try one. I can't imagine a greenback sounding bad with a Marshall clone.
yeah, i do like the sound of speaker break up, i didn't really know what the guy meant by mushyness

I think i will get the greenback, i don't want a tight sound and i liked the sound clips of the greenback more