The pedal is based on the DoubleD from run off groove. I had to make some mods to get it to work the way I wanted. And its still a bit messy inside as I have changed quite a few things messing around with it. When I get it all finalized Ill etch a new board and rewire it. I had to spend some time tweaking the cap values they had posted on the site. Put most everything in sockets so it could be changed easy.
Added the muff style tone controls and the treble was pretty intense so added some high pass filters before the volume pot. There are 2 filters 1st is 15.9khz the next is 7.2khz. The 7.2khz on each channel is connected to a switch for a bright control. The tone and high pass filters are on 2 small boards. Also added a little extra board for the output buffer. Which allowed me to add a second parallel buffer giving 2 independant outputs got that from AMZs site. So I can run 2 of my amps off the pedal.
I also added 2 different selectable clipping diodes to the OD channel of the pedal germanium and 1n4148. Thinking of putting em on a rotary switch so I can have up to 4 different clipping tones. Clipping diodes on the distortion side are not needed as with the gain all the way down its still has alot of distortion.
Thinking of adding a blend control so I could keep some of the undistorted original signal. So I could still have some bottom end that doesnt get muddy going thru the distortion.
I didnt chose the yellow color it was a blem enclosure. My P90 LP sounds really good thru the pedal along with my other low output guitars still having some mud issues with my higher output pickup guitars. Maybe a high/low switch on the input? Or a switch to change the cap on the input of each channel?
No my first was a BYOC compressor. After that moved on to building from schematics like a BSIAB and tube sound fuzz. This one I did alot more to.