I did this recording as a test of my new laptop. Its also the first time ive recorded using my new tele.

The song is on my profile

The song is called After the Fall.
The guitar is a fender tele going through a guyatone compressor and a peavey classic 30 amp. For the solo I also used a line6 echo park set on tape delay.

This and the vocals are recorded using a cheap samson mic going into my m-audio fast trak usb.
The bass was recorded using a yamaha bass straight into the fast trak.
The drums are a VSTi. This was all done in cubase.

My stuff:
Fender Tele 60's Reissue
Schecter Blackhawk
Vintage V300 acoustic
Yamaha RB170 Bass

Peavey Classic 30 amp

Boss SD-1, DOD Grunge, Guyatone PS-010 Compressor, Marshall SV-1, Vox V847, Zoom G2, Line6 Echo Park
I like it. The vocals might need some compressor or something to even them out, but overall well done.
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Yo man.
Like the intro, bass line and rhythm go well together. Sounds nice. I like the vocals, cool little chorus deal. Words are catchy :P Nice to hear a little heavier sound out of the guitar hear, sounds good. I like the sound of the vocals. Nice and smooth. little solo bit was tasteful. No complaints. Sounds great!
it was very good imo, a happy sounding song cool melody, and nice drums, and you sing good
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i love the sounds of tele's i want one so bad. the song sounds pretty good. i liked it.