I've had my Scheter Hellraiser for about 2 months now and over the last few days(3-4) my high e string has been sounding like its stuck somewhere when I fret the low frets. It sounds like the string is stuck somewhere but it's not and I can't figure out what's wrong. Anyone have any ideas?
stuck as in sound the same?
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Hes talking about how the string is getting caught on the fret board.

Its because of the floyd rose bro. Go get a guitar tech to reset it for you. If you change tunings from standard the floyd rose comes out of place.

I have a C1-Fr and I just block the floyd rose with wooden blocks because i dont use the tremolo anyways.
That's the point. Mines the one without the floyd rose so I don't see what's wrong.
Sounds like your action is too low on the treble side. You can wind out the bridge on that side using a flatblade screwdriver, and it's good to go half a turn at a time to see where it takes you (counterclockwise to raise). You'll need to retune as well.

Or take it to get it setup by a professional, but i'd give it a go first, it's not hard.
unscrew the treble screw half a turn
fret notes 1-24 on the high e string and see where the buzzing is (where the strings contact the frets where they shouldn't) - if in the first 9 frets but NOT in the rest, you need more neck relief, so you'll have to adjust your truss rod (a qtr to half a turn each time, loosening in this case). If it's from anywhere from 9-24 it's likely the action at the bridge is still too low so to raise that again and test. Just tune up roughly to the E each time, doesn't need to be spot on, just need to make sure the string is high enough to clear all the frets when fretting any particular note on that string. When you're all done and it's clearing all the frets and still nice and playable, retune and intonate properly and you're done.
If this confuses u, look on the net for a setup guide or take it to a pro.
thanks I really appreciate it.
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