Ok so hopefully this month i'll be getting my bursary from college, it gets back dated so i'll have about 4/5 payments of atleast £200.

I'm looking to spend about £500-600 of this on a bass amp.
Needs to be loud enough for gigs so would like it to be a half stack and want it to have an eq on it, the kind of eq that has about 8 sliders and not just a knob for lows, mids, and treble.

Have played on a few different peavey amps and didn't like them at all.
Have played on a few different Trace elliots/ ampegs / Ashdowns and they have all sounded pretty good so far, so if anyone has any models of these they can reccomend please let me know, cheers.

- Deek X

P.s. i'm not the best with explaining things so if anything isn't clear, just ask
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This is just a heads up and might be useless to you (You said you want a half stack) but there's an Ashdown MAG 300 combo on Glasgow Gumtree going for £150 at the moment. If only I had the money at the moment .
Ah thats awesome, thanks for that. Trying to get a lift to glasgow arranged
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Hmm 600 porbably wont get you a good trace or ampeg but it will get you ashdown. in fact with a little bit more you would be able to get an ashdown abm evo 2 500 and a 1x15
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What sort of tone are you after? How much can you lift?
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Quote by fleajr_1412
What sort of tone are you after? How much can you lift?

Tone, its gonna be quite hard for me to explain so i'll just say i play mostly stuff like Biffy Clyro, Nine Black alps, Rueben etc... Weight is not an issue, i'm used to lugging around heavy amps, cabs, heads, moniters and all that.

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fatgoogle has a good idea about getting Ashdown ones. They are really reliable, but I have only used the MAG series. They will definitely work in gigs.

£600 is about $930 USD.

You could get used. I bought a used cabinets 4x10, a Peavey Tour 4x10 for about $250. It was in great conditions. But I have a new GK 700RB-II head ~ $600. It works in the venues I play in and if needed I would mike it up.

I totally recommend Gallien Kruger, though they can get kind of expensive.