right now I'm leaning towards the michael kelly patriot custom or a washburn wi64dl, if you played one of these or another guitar you'd reccomend in the 300-500 range your help is appreciated,
PRS used to make a good guitar in that price range. The Santana SE was a great starter guitar that you could gig. Have a look at the SE Custom Electric - sells for $599 on Musician's Friend.
ibanez rg cheap models.. they are still pretty damn good and the neck is freaking thin
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Well, Mexican Fender Fat Strat, of course. But what types of music do you play?

I play pretty much everything from blues to metal
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I play pretty much everything from blues to metal

Like he said, get a HSS Stratocaster if you play a bit of everything.
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I would maybe look at the ESP LTD MH-250LT on musicians friend. For $419.00 you get a set neck, a beautiful flame maple top, EMG humbuckers, and coil tapping, so it is very versatile. I love mine, but we all love diffrent things and have diffrent preferences.
Ibanez RG5XX. Normally they go around $300-500 and they have thin necks + a good trem. There's a RG520 on ebay right now that's going for $500.
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Buy used

There ya go. You could find something really nice in that range used.
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go to your music shop and play a few. then watch your local craigslist and get it used while hookin another musician up with some cash!
Get the michael kelly. Great guitars.
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Get the michael kelly. Great guitars.

I went to my local music store today and tried almost everything they had and the michael kelly patriot never fails to impress me. A guy who worked in the store said he could sell me a "cosmetically blemished" one in black fade for $300. He showed me it and the blemish was just an ugly dark patch in the back. I thoroughly inspected and compared to the others and bought. It is awesome and it looks sick. The only thing that competes with it for that price is an ibanez 421 (which I might get later).
thanks for your help guys.
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ESP/LTD guitars, or Schecter are great for 500+ range.

I own a esp ltd viper 100fm and would've invested in a better esp ltd but they increased the price in canada.
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Epiphones are nice in that range, but a lot of people don't find them to be their style.

If I were to buy an epiphone for that much right now it'd be this http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Epiphone-1958-Explorer-Electric-Guitar?sku=518454

or a les paul.

well i love my epi les paul standard. its a very nice guitar for when i am being a good boy and want to relax a little. LOL I love the sonic mayhem that my ESP and my Schecter can create! its good to have all bases covered. i find the ESP LTD MH-250LT can cover them all> it has the push pull pot, to give you the more tele sound> although i never pull mine!