I'm in this thing called HATS which is like a smart ppls group, and we do this kickass competition called Destination Imagination, where we have a problem that we have to solve creatively and we have to put a skit to it.

They give these 5 different challenges to school all around the world, and my school is one of em. My challenge is called Video Lit Hits or somethin weird like that, but basically we take a story, poem, or a movie thats already been written, and write music and lyrics based off of it for it, and write a music video type thing which will be the skit, then perform it with the singing and all the music.

So while trippin I thought we'd do Alice in Wonderland cuz its kickass.
Plus I'm gonna make the music really trippy like Pink Floyd stuff cuz it totally fits alice in wonderland

So does anyone else in the pit have DI?
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