Probably better off in the GG&A category...

anywho; often, rack effects will be a much larger, more complex multi-effect unit, where the tonal quality, capability, and variability is greater than that of any pedal-sized effect. often, many artists will want to keep their pedals in front of them, or are pedal junkies (ie. Justin Chancellor of Tool) and enjoy having control of all their effects, and thus will have a much more limited rack. From my experience, Artists will have effect pedals at their feet, and a noise compression unit and a noise gate on their rack lineup. I've found this option to be more common.

Personally, I want anything I don't need to change in the middle of a song in a rack. Not always practical though.
alot of big bands just have the roadies change the rack effects mid song so that they can have the better effects with he constant tone switching