Made this song months back then I pawned my computer so I couldn't post it. Now I got it back and there is a shit load of songs I forgot about. Anyways, here's a strange song. Enjoy and let me know what you think.
Several of the riffs are unplayable, and you can tell this without even looking at the tab, so thats a big downside. A few bad transitions as well. Take out the p.h.'s, they ruin a part of the song thats actually really cool.

Song had some cool parts but it seemed way too finicky for my tastes. 46-47 is a really cool riff but definitely out of place in this song.
I don't get what you guys are on about. I totally digged it. Especially the P.H.-part followed by the triplet bar that sounds so orgasmic sleep-y. I just wished the drums would flow better and that you would throw in some slap bass or something.
"A war is coming, I've seen it in my dreams. Fires sweeping through the earth, bodies in the streets, cities turned to dust. Retaliation..."

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