Wave Mercury ($6,000-$10,000 plugins) are on craiglist for prices from $100-$150
why would anyonei n their right mind sell 6000 dollars worth of plugins for 100?
and there are several people doing this..
please explain
that would be illegal correct?
i can torrent them myself..
i prefer not to use torrented plugins with my studio because they never seem to run as well as the actual things.
anyone have any experience with torrented / bought downloaded mercury pllugins?
Buying these downloaded files and downloading them yourself...both against the law and we dont support that here.

The chances of that CL post being a scam are very high. Chances are he will take your money and leave you without any product...another reason to simply save up and buy your own gear like everyone else does.

Another possibility is this, though... they are older versions of the plugins that at best are no longer supported, or at worst, will not run on more modern machines.

For instance, I saw not too long ago someone selling off Cubase VST 3.x. This was the version of Cubase that I bought when I first got into recording almost ten years ago. That particular version is no longer available (Looooong gone), and no longer supported. It was written for Win 98 and probably worked on XP. I'd hesitate to guess whether or not it would even run on Vista or Windows 7.

The plugins were also VST1 technology. That is old architecture by today's standards. The new version of VST plugins are VST3. A lot of older plugins will not work in the new versions of Cubase 4 due to the difference in the VST standard.

But yes, more than likely, they are pirated. Does the ad mention whether the software comes with an iLock or some other sort of copy protection key/dongle?

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