Ok so ive just finished learning dee, kind of an on the whim type thing... anyways i want to learn more randy rhoads stuff. I learned crazy train 2 years ago when i first started playing (like everyone else). So i really want more decently hard randy songs i can study without hving to search early ozzy's entire discography, any ideas?
steal away the night was a challenge for myself, and just for fun and the kewl chord shapes diary of a madman is a great one. just pick songs from ozzy's first 2 albums that you like, and you should b just fine.
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Dude, I spent months figuring out Over the Mountain and it was a blast.

Just remember that the whole Diary of a Madman album was tuned Eb, I didn't and tried playing it in standard. Good thing my dad was a metalhead back in the day.

And I Don't Know is awesome, both opening tracks are killer.
one day i will learn bark at the moon, too bad im not that good yet.
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Bark at the moon is Jake E. Lee. Crowley solos are fun. Flying high again has a nice rift and fun little licks throught the song with a manageable solo.
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