Could someone recommend an amp (most likely a practice amp) for me for under $400 (though I'd like to stay at about $300-$350 MAX) that sounds similar to a Diezel amp head and a Marshall cabinet?

If it's not possible, let me know how much I might have to spend to get anywhere near that.
you're definitely not gonna get those types of sounds for that cheap!
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Damn, thought so. What's the closest I can get for that price?

I was thinking of a Behringer V-amp paired with some kind of cabinet that I have yet to decide on (Crate, maybe?). But I read that those things die unexpectedly all the time.
oooh. Yeah, that kind of funding isn't going to do you alot of good.

Save up and buy the real thing is the best advice I can offer...
lol, your not gonna get that for 400 bucks man. If you can then get it, but I doubt ull find that. maybe add a 0 to the end of it and u might can do something.
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