Okay, so, a few months ago, my grandma gave me an old 1980something MIJ Strat neck she had in her attic, and I decided to build a guitar. However, it was only a wish, until I found big, solid wood table in our basement that would work awfully well. I haven't taken any pictures of the table yet, but will within the next few days. I've decided to make a sort of double cutaway, but NOT a Strat. I dremeled off some of the headstock to make it look a little like a cross between a Strat and Tele head, and I've stained and done some designs on a bunch of the frets. Pictures after a few questions...
1- From the rough, not completely cut out template, does anyone have any colour suggestions? Though there aren't any pictures of the wood up yet, the grain isn't particularly amazing, so no stains, sadly
2- Ideas for the headstock? I sanded off the Fender logo, and will put my initials on the little knob at the end, but if anyone gives me something really cool sounding, I may do it on the main headstock bit.
And, I know, I'd said in an earlier thread that I had a routing template cut out, but I think I'm wanting P-90s now, just to get the nice medium between humbuckers and single coils. If anyone could link me a video or something of maybe just someone doing a few scales and chords with a P-90 against a humbucker and a single coil that'd be fantastic, since all the comparisons I've seen seem to just be the guitarist wanting to show off... So just a few scales and chords, clean and distortion, would be nice!
Last question, how much more sustain would I get with the string-though bridge in the list below than with a top-loading hardtail of similar design?

Ah, and my parts list... I think I have everything accounted for, please let me know if I'm missing anything, I'm going to be ordering soon
Those are the parts I've chosen, mostly because Guitarfetish is cheap... Please, let me know of any experiences with them! And then, for a nut and pickups I'm gonna go probably with this guy http://stores.ebay.com/California-CustomAx_W0QQcolZ4QQdirZ1QQftidZ2QQsclZ1QQtZkm so also please tell me about any interactions with him, s'il vous plait. Lastly, I'm probably gonna make a custom pickguard, so I'll get that from Stewmac, probably, because I need a blank material sheet

Now, the first few pics!!!
Pre-shaping neck, already stained and designed

After shaping headstock

And my template... I just need to decide if I want to do the flattened butt end, or the round back end

Remember, just a few days at most till I get up a pic of the wood

More to come soon, I'll check up on the thread nearly every day at least, so questions, comments, whatever!

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in photobucket at the bottom, theres a option for message boards that use tags, use those to post pics in here
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Looks cool, but whats wrong with the fret board? There is stuff all over it....
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Looks cool, but whats wrong with the fret board? There is stuff all over it....

Haha, the magic of sharpies and coloured pencils... I was bored, and wanted to make this a really really unique and custom guitar, I drew some little designs on it... The dragon is the only thing that uses paint, but I've got it all leveled out, so it's not bulging or anything
If that's what you meant
Oh, and stain. It was stained an gross yellowish, like the 'vintage' type, and I didn't like it at all, so I believe this is... Red oak? I didn't necessarily want it to look like a rosewood fingerboard, but just something darker

EDIT: Or, were you referencing the kind bubbling stuff? Yeah, that's what happened when I tried to put on a thin gloss coat under the satin, I thought maybe it'd look shiny but feel smooth... But it's mostly an aesthetic thing, you can barely feel it, and I think it gives it some... "Character"

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Mkay, here's the table I said I had... It's about 7 or 8 feet tall and 3 feet wide, 1 1/2 inches thick, made up of four pieces of some wood glued together, and some sort of laminate thing on top... If anyone could identify the wood, that'd be amazing!

And yes, I did make sure it was solid, I cut into it a bit
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I dont think thats wood.....
It just has a sort of laminate on top...

I'm pretty sure that it's wood, and it does have a thin laminate on top, but I won't be using that... It smells like wood, looks like wood, and is heavy as Hell... But maybe I'll burn a bit just to check
Why did you ruin an 80;s Japanese strat?
Those are incredible guitars!
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Why did you ruin an 80;s Japanese strat?
Those are incredible guitars!

I wish it was... It was just the neck, it was sitting in my grandma's attic for who knows how many years, I guess it was my uncle's or something... But yes, sadly, no body, just the neck, and a nutless, tunerless neck at that... Which bring me to another question, what kind of nut should I get for how the neck is?

But yes, I would never have even thought of redoing a real, full Japanese Strat, never, even if Strats aren't really my favourites