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Ok, I've been wondering this for a while now...
What is with Claudio Sanchez's voice?
I heard he has some kind of acid reflex or some crazy shit like that which helps him with his breathtaking range.

Or is it he's just amazing vocalist?
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He's just an amazing vocalist dude!

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Ya i vote amazing vocalist.
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honestly i don't like his singing that much... i mean he isn't terrible but it just isn't my cup of tea
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He's the Messiah.
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When he was a child somebody dropped him on his head.
hahahaha look at all you people posting on this forum
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He's attcually Getty Lee's illigidment son... True story...
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the acid reflux is what detracts from his ability.....

He just has a great range, and he used to be naselly but know is just a great singer
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