I've been playint for about 2 years and I want to make the jump from just a practie guitar to a serious guitar. I found the revenge warlock for $299.99. I really dont want to pay much more than this for my next guitar. My current guitar is a special 2 les paul, basically a real begginer guitar.
So my question is will revenge warlock be good for metal, in a 60 watt raven amp? And should i get a revenge warlock as my next guitar?
have you played one?
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Because of my insane hatred for BC Rich guitars, I would say **** that and go for an Ibanez, but before you get a new guitar you may want to consider a new amp.
Unless your going for looks you might want ot check out some of the guitars Rondo Music has. I like BC Rich guitars but if your going to buy make sure it's an NJ series or better. THe bronze series is just not that great. I just bought a Douglas guitar from them for far less that really surprized the hell out of me. IMHO it sounds and plays better than an Ibanez SZ320ex I used to have that almost cost me $500.00. I can't beleive how nice this new guitar is.

Buy what your comfortable with if you like the guitar buy it. Go buy the store or if your buying it from a privet party find out if can play it for a bit. Also ask them what they are willing to take for it if it's used you would be surprized at some of the prices I negotiated for.
I've heard a lot of bad things about early level BC richs, which is essentially what this is. In my experience though (from playing a brozne & a friend's KK sig), they're okay to play, but the sound is rather mediocre. You really won't get much tonal variation from the LP special, so I'd honestly consider taking that cash and look somewhere else - maybe a similar guitar in that price range, I dunno.
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There are tons of used NJ series Warlocks in the $300 range. Keep an eye on craigslist and ebay.
Cheap Jackson Kelly work for you? I think it was like the pro 3 or something... anyway, from my experiance you can trust Jackson alot more than B.C. Rich
The LP special II is a nice guitar. if you're asking a decent price to sell, we may be able to talk... Also, in my experience, BC Riches are not good guitars period, for metal or otherwise. Buy something like an Agile with EMG's, an Ibanez, a PRS, a Schecter. I have played most of those (except the PRS) and they all rock for metal.
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