Hey guys. I picked up this guitar along with another body, and a box is miscellaneous parts from a guy for nothing. Figured if it was worth it, I'd fix and give to my son to learn on.

He believes it is as old as the 60s but I don't know how to tell exactly. It resembles the G5135 model that I see online. Here are some pics.

Thanks! I'm still looking myself to try to narrow down what this guitar is.
I really have no clue, but i think that this guitar/body is a little short of the "playable" boundary. would need a ton of work.
Well, I've got a box of misc parts but I don't know if any of it is for this guitar. Random pickups, pots, switches, tuners and bridge parts.

It needs work. The neck doesn't look too bad. I have no idea what kind of wood. It's pretty light and thin. The wood behind the finish is reddish. Looks like it has been lacquered or something(not the reddish wood, the exposed wood).
Would be ok to strip off the lacquer or whatever is on here? Take it to the wood that is.
From what I've seen on the interwebz, it looks like a '63 Corvette 6134. Probably try to sand it down tomorrow.
Can I get this lacquer at a craft store or does it need to be some special kind?

Also, what is a good way to fill in some scratches/dents that will blend relatively well? I've read about the steaming method to pull dents out so I'll try that too.
To clean the fretboard i would use some Ernie Ball Wonder Wipes i think they are called, work wonders on my old guitar when i was cleaning it up.

Can't help in the way of the model, could be stunning with a bit of work ^^
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