alright so this is actually a question for my guitar teacher. He just recently found out that for the past 15 years he has had one of the first Jackson king v's ever built (kahler trem and 22 frets). He wants to sell it but I really dont agree with him. He says if he can 2000+ he would sell it, but is it even worth that much?

Question: should my guitar teacher sell a super rare king v? ( btw he says he loves the thing, but he wont tell me exactly why he's selling it)
He needs money for drugs. Period. No man in this world would sell a guitar if it isn't necessary for his life.
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yeah he can sell it and i don't think it's any of your business as to know why he would be selling it.
Agree with Dream Theater and Tiger King, I would never ever sell my guitar no matter how much its worth, I have kind of a sentimental attachment to it because I worked really hard to earn the money for it.
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He either has a child or a crack habit to feed.
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