Hey, I'm trying to get an order worked out for a Musikraft thinline telecaster body, and I need some info and opinions. I really like the way the Fender '72 reissues resonate, but they sound a little bright to me. I'm wondering if walnut or alder would be a good alternative for a fuller, deeper sound without losing the liveliness or resonance of the ash Fenders. Mahogany and Korina are also available, but either would run an extra $80. Also, I'm planning on having it finished in a 3-tone sunburst, so would springing for a flame or quilted maple top be necessary to get a good classic Fender sunburst look?

On to the pickup routing, I've pretty much decided on a humbucker in the neck (PAF Joe probably), and a traditional tele bridge (SD 5-2 maybe?). Would there be any disadvantage to having this body routed for two humbuckers, to keep my options open in the future? Any reason to keep more wood under the bridge, or around the bridge pickup?

Sorry if it seems I'm nitpicking, but when all is said and done, this guitar is going to cost me quite a bit, so I'm kind of hoping to cover all of my bases with a guitar I can play for life.
So, the STRATosphere is offering original Fender bodies on Ebay for alot less than any Musikraft or Warmoth build I could possibly put together. Anybody know how these reissue bodies compare to the custom order stuff? Because I'd be spending about $300 for the Fender compared to at least $500-550 for something that'll take two months for Musikraft to build and finish. Also, how hard would it be to rout out the neck cavity of something like this to fit a humbucker in?