Well, it's a 1000 times better than anything I could do... but.... it just seems emotionless, mechanical, and detached... Really seems more like you were doing a demo of your abilities (which seem very good imo) instead of trying to get into the vibe of the backing track.

I looked through most of the entries and found several that seemed similar to yours so maybe it's just my way of looking (or listening) at it. IMO something like this is more 'in the spirit' of the backing track.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-0M00O42dQ

But alas, just my opinion and maybe others will see it differently. None-the-less, nice job and good luck with the contest.

edit: after watching it again the arear around the 1:05 - 1:15 mark seems pretty on the money to me. I also have to wonder if it's the tone that's holding it back or maybe the tempo you're playing at is not fitting the the temp of the backing track? Just feels like somethings off
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Thanks for the awesome critique man. Maybe I was trying to impress too much in that video. idk. But yeah there could be a slight mix up in timing, as I matched the backing track with the guitar track separately.
Thanks so much
you are playing guitar two years? awesome work, you must have played 12 hours a day, lol.
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Your technique and soloing skills are great. You have a pretty good sense of timing and I think you're getting there emotively. The only two disagreements I have are - one I think you should slow down a couple more times in the song, really hold a note for a while so that everything else seems more important - and two, really just an extension of the above; it seems like your trying to cram it all into that solo. I'm fine with shred, I like it. But you need some slow parts to make it worthwhile.

Great job though, it sound awesome.