WAAYYY WAAYY WAAYY long ago, there was a video on ebaumsworld.com that had this guy. it was maybe about 8 minutes long or so, if i remember correctly. it was just him in his room, recording on like a webcam or something. In the video, he did really random, and funny things. he also out of no where started dancing and rapping to vanilla ice, and then he also interviewed this like wigger guy who was also him just stopping the camera, and moving to the other side, and stuff.

then he had another video i think on albinoblacksheep.com that was him reading an email or a letter that someone had wrote to him, and while he was reading, he looks up and a guy shoots him in the head.

i think is name had "fox" or "foxx" in it. but i cant remember?

Sounds interesting lol.
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I think i remember that! From a looooooooooooooooooooong ass time ago.

I'd have no clue how to find it now.
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